Unseen Battle Grounds is an exciting mobile game inspired by the classic game of Battleships. However, in this unique twist, players will engage in battles using animal heroes instead, each possessing special powers and abilities. The game takes place in a lush forest environment, immersing players in a captivating and visually stunning world.

Immerse yourself in a forest and command your squad of heroes and their special powers. Get ready to strategies, unleash powerful abilities, and become the ultimate champion of the unseen battle grounds!

Our Vision

Blockchain-based gaming is a nascent industry and we expect changes as we build fun and engaging titles under this new economic paradigm.

It’s our goal to embrace the core fundamental tenets of player ownership and forge into this new space as a developer. Our hope is that Unseen Battle grounds will introduce millions of new players around the world to the benefits of in game asset ownership and the wider Web3 movement.

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