Players take on the role of a commander where and can use his skilled animal warriors known as heroes, each with their own set of powers and abilities. The objective is to strategically position your heroes within the forest grid, aiming to outwit and defeat knock out all the opponents before they knock out yours!


The grid represents the forest battleground, and players will strategically place their heroes in various positions. These heroes will be unseen to the opponent. The goal is to locate and attack the opponent's heroes while protecting their own from being revealed or knocked out. The game ends when all the heroes are knocked out.

States of the tiles on a grid

A tile on the grid is selected for attack

Tile on the grid is hit but no hero is placed on it

Tile on the grid is hit and revealed

Tile on the grid is hit and and a hero is placed on it

Each hero in Unseen Battle Grounds possesses unique special powers and abilities that can be used strategically during battles. These powers can range from offensive abilities like launching powerful attacks, revealing, and spying on the enemy. Check out the heroes section to know the ability of each hero!

Battling with an opponent is full of strategy and skill. When an opponents hero is hit partially, it reveals a portion of the hero, providing a clue to the opponent's position. If a hero is hit multiple times or hit by a specific attack, it may be fully revealed, exposing its complete identity and abilities to the opponent. If all the tiles on which the hero is places are damaged, the hero is knocked out.

Once a hero is knocked out, it can't, be used by the opponent in that match. Knocking out of the opponents heroes will result in a win!

Battles are in different modes. Each mode is unique and gives you a chance to win unique items like xps, tokens and even heroes!

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